Day 32 and home!

By Harry;

Our last day was a very long day as it was a day-and-a-half of staying awake and travelling in a car and a plane. The car drive was five hours long from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas. The plane trip was from Vegas to LA, then we waited for four hours in the airport to get on the plane from LA to Melbourne. The plane trip didn’t feel as long this time because we slept for about six hours when we first got on the plane. I watched a couple of movies and TV series.

When we got home, we had to go pick up our bags, go through customs, drive home, stay awake the whole day then sleep! It was nearly two days of staying awake!

Eliza and I are going to list our favourite things that we did on our holiday…


  • Disneyland – fun and more of a kids place than other places!
  • Sled Dogs in Denali and Seward – I loved the sled dogs because I love dogs and I love the puppies. It would be a great job to look after sled dogs.
  • The bus drive into Denali National Park – I liked this because it was relaxing and fun at the same time finding different wildlife in Denali and learning about them.
  • Zipline – it was my birthday and I had never been on a zipline before.
  • Safeco Field & Baseball Game – I liked the baseball game because we don’t have much professional baseball in Australia.
  • Horseriding- the horse riding was good because I have never done this before and it was fun as well!


  • Denali National Park – there were sled dog puppies and real sled dogs. We saw lots of snow and we saw five bears.
  • Seeing Sea Otters – the sea otters were very very cute and we saw about five thousand on our holiday!
  • Seattle – in Seattle Molly the dog was there and she was fun to play with even if she didn’t like us. We also went for a horse riding lesson which was fun. We also saw a gum wall which was gross and it had lots and lots and lots of gum.
  •  San Francisco – we went on the cable cars which were fun and you could hang out the side of them. We also went on a bike ride over the Golden Gate bridge. It was very funny because Harry and Mum lost their chain.
  • Monterey Aquarium – this was one of my favourites because we saw lots of animals. We saw lots of jellyfish and we had a presentation shown to us that was about a baby sea otter.
  • Zipline – this was very very fun because we did big ones with steep hills.
  • Disneyland – at Disneyland we went on lots of rides, I liked this the best because Mum got frightened on lots of the rides.



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Day 31

By Eliza!

Today we got up and we got ready to go for a walk with a Ranger from the Park to do a fossil walk. We found fossils from under the sea because the area where the fossils were used to be part of the Pacific Ocean.

IMG_4287 IMG_4286

Then we went on some shuttle buses to look at the rim of the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon was very very beautiful. It is very very wide and it is very deep. There were no railings so we had to be careful not to fall off the edge. Some of the animals that were there were squirrels, elk and we also saw some racoons.

_MG_4433 IMG_4308 _MG_4448 IMG_4243

We also listened to a talk on raptors which are birds with curved beaks, long sharp claws and massive eyes. This helps them to hunt their prey. During the talk we saw a turkey vulture and red-tailed eagle.


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Day 30

By Harry;

Today we woke up to get ready to go to the Grand Canyon for the last two nights of our holiday. The drive was about five and a half hours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon where we were staying on the rim.

On the way we stopped at the Hoover Dam. The Hoover Dam is about 80 years old, it powers three states of America, California, Nevada and Arizona. The towers that hold the high voltage lines out of the power station are on a massive angle. The dam is 221 metres high. We walked along on the pedestrian paths on the top of the dam.

IMG_4218 IMG_4227 IMG_4225 IMG_4215

When we got to the Grand Canyon we checked into our hotel and went for a walk along the rim. The canyon is very very deep. There is a bird called the Californian Condor which was nearly extinct but now is getting better in population. The wingspan of this bird is 3.5 metres. I hope we see one.

IMG_4275 IMG_4243

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Day 29

By Eliza!

In the morning we went for a walk along the strip and we saw some of the hotels that looked very amazing.

IMG_4189 IMG_4177 IMG_4180 IMG_4170

For lunch we went to a friend of my Dad called Sando’s (his name is actually Craig). They had three kids it was nice to finally have a girl to play with. They had two boys and one girl the girls name was Maddie. We played Just Dance, we got in the pool. We played some more Just Dance and we had some lollies. We had a Mexican lunch.

At 7pm we went to the Cirque du Soleil and we watched a show based on acrobatics and the Beatles. The Beatles are a famous band. My favourite bit of the show was when they had gum boots on with some bells and they were clapping and tapping their gum boots it  was very very funny. This is a link on Youtube to some of the show;

After the show we had some dessert. The ice cream that I had was proper vanilla bean. Harry had Chocolate Cake.



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Day 28

By Harry;

Today we left Anaheim to go to Las Vegas. For breakfast Eliza had the short stack pancakes. They were in a Micky Mouse shaped face.


We took a flight to get to Las Vegas. The flight was short. When we got to Las Vegas we picked up a car and drove to our hotel. The way to get to our hotel was down “the strip”. The Strip is a road that is a famous road that has lots of casinos, one of them is a castle, one of them has an Eiffel Tower out the front and another one is a Pyramid. One was called New York New York and it has a roller coaster on the roof. It is a bit OTT!

When we got to our hotel called Treasure island we found out that we were on the 32nd floor and we had a view of the strip. My mum went shopping and we went to the resort pool. The pool was freezing cold. Tonight we had a massive lightening storm and lots of Las Vegas lost power but not our hotel.

las vegas-1

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Day 27

By Eliza!

Today we had breakfast then we went to the California Adventure Park. It was our last day at Disneyland.

It was another very very hot day. We chose our favourite rides to do again. We went on the California Screamin’ three times and the Grizzly River run once. We did the Tower of Terror. This time we got a fast pass and we were laughing.

Santa Monica-3-3Santa Monica-12

Mum’s favourite ride was Soaring over California. This was a ride where you sit in seats that are like you are in a plane. They lift you up off the ground and they have graphic images that they show you that are very very beautiful.

Santa Monica-7-3

We went back to the hotel and we swam in the pool until it was dark. We had hamburgers for dinner.

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Day 26

By Harry;

Today we went to California Adventure Park where all the bigger rides are.

The first ride we went on was the Grizzly River run. The Grizzly River Run is one where you get wet. You go down two big hills in an eight seat circular river raft.

photo 4Santa Monica-5-3

The next ride we went on was the California Screamin’. This ride is a roller coaster where you do a loop-the-loop and a 100m drop. This is my favourite ride in the whole of Disneyland and Californian Adventure Park. I took some GoPro footage of all of the rides.

Santa Monica-4-3Santa Monica-8-2

Another one that we went on was the tower of terror (The twilight zone). The queue was an  hour and a half wait. You sit in an elevator and you go up to the 13th floors and drop to the first very fast a few times from different levels. I wasn’t allowed to record this one.

We went on a few other rides and we also saw the World of Colour at night. The World of Colour was great, it is on the middle of the lake. Water squirts out from pipes and they put lasers on them to make colours and music, and they do bits from movies in the mist.

Santa Monica-10

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